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As a career agent with HealthGuys you will be employed by the company directly. This path is best for those that do not have the financial means to start their own business. Check out some of the benefits:

  • Base Pay plus competitive commissions-
    Having a base pay gives you the peace of mind to know that you are not going to starve to death while you learn the business.That is a huge deal!! Combined with production bonuses, we have Career Agents making lucrative 6 figure incomes working 40 hours a week Plus paid vacations and PTO... Wow!!!!!

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  • Group Health Insurance/401K offered – We offer group health insurance to all of our career agents. Group health members usually receive insurance at a reduced cost because the insurer’s risk is spread across a group and your employer contributes to help pay. You also get to pay for your health insurance pre-tax dollars which can also save you money. Plus your own 401K

Still not convinced this is the right path for you? How about these additional benefits:

  • Access to leads through our system. As a Career Agent you will have access to leads of people who are actually looking to get help with their health insurance. And if you end up in the tele-sales department you will actually be taking inbound calls from people who are needing help getting health insurance. How sweet is that deal!!

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Still not convinced this is the right path for you? How about these additional benefits:

  • All equipment provided for you.
    We are going to set you up with a computer, access to leads from people who want to buy health insurance, and a CRM and phone system to help you manage your clients. All of this at no expense to you. This is a great way for folks who may not be able to cashflow a business but still want the opportunity to join this industry.

And if all that isn’t enough – check out these additional benefits.

  • Agency Bonus opportunities as well as award trips – If you are someone who likes a little bit of friendly competition – HealthGuys is the right place for you. We believe in rewarding those who go the extra mile. Company trips to exotic locations, cash awards, national recognition for performance, what a great place to show your stuff.

  • Management staff to help train and develop you into the best you that you can be. Our training here at HealthGuys is second to none. You will receive top notch training on all aspects of the business. This training is combined with consistent coaching and mentoring from some of the top producers in the industry.

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As a HealthGuys Career Agent, you really get the best of both worlds –

  • Stability
  • Uncapped earning potential.

  • It is a difficult thing today to find a career where you get both. We offer you that at HealthGuys when you go down the Career Agent path.
    Come join the winning team today. Click the link below to schedule your one-on-one interview to start your career today.