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As an Independent Agent with HealthGuys you will be a Self-Employed Contractor. This is the path for those that just need the best commissions and have the ability to develop their own clients. This is the person who wants to be their own boss, set their own schedule. This is for a self-starter who recognizes that they themselves set the bar for their agency.

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Why you should partner with HealthGuys–

  • Best commission Rates Available – face it folks, the bottom line is always the bottom line. And our long-standing relationships with all the legitimate carriers out there affords us the opportunity to offer exactly what you want, that being the highest commission rates available today.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Here at HealthGuys we can offer you support in areas that most FMO’s have never even considered.

  • We can assist you in payroll for your employees and commission checks for your sub-agents.
  • One of the most innovative CRM’s in the industry today at absolutely no cost to your or your agency.
  • We can assist you in making sure premiums are collected.
  • We can assist you in these and other areas while still allowing you to have full autonomy in your business
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Access to Advance Commissions-

  • We recognize that like any business you have to have cashflow. We have relationships with vendors who will advance commissions directly to you so you can cashflow until you have built a big enough back end to thrive.
  • We give you the “Playbook” on how to make the “advance” strategy work for the long-term growth of your agency

Freedom to make your own schedule

  • One of the biggest reasons to be self-employed is freedom. Freedom to run your day your way. We give you that freedom.
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Agency Bonus Opportunities and Award Trips

  • – If you are someone who likes a little bit of friendly competition – HealthGuys is the right place for you. We believe in rewarding those who go the extra mile. Company trips to exotic locations, cash awards, national recognition for performance, what a great place to show your stuff.

Lead Money

  • Our lead program simply us unparalleled. Nobody out there is offering what we are offering to help support you with leads.
  • Lead Money Matching
  • Lead Bonuses
  • Face it, leads are the life of our business. We help you have access to lead funds to make your business grow.

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Agency Support to build your company

  • We recognize better than most, that this is YOUR business. We are here to support that endeavor however YOU need us to. From full on blueprint on how to build an agency, or just contracts with the highest commissions, and anywhere in between. We are here to HELP YOU.

Unparalleled Industry Training

  • Our executive staff touts nearly a century of experience in this industry.
  • That experience is poured out continuously to our partners to help them grow their business.
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Free Access to industry best CRM

  • Face it, when you take care of the customer, the customer takes care of you. And that is why the right CRM is so important to your business
  • We offer, at no charge to our partners, access to the industries best CRM.